Kentucky Derby Dessert

Kentucky Derby Dessert

All Recipe’s will give you more than one option for making this dish. I haven’t made a Derby Pie since I was 17. This was the last year I spent Christmas or any other holiday at home in Kentucky. The following year, I spent Christmas in Okinawa, Japan at Camp Hansen, my first official duty station in the Marine Corps. So why does this pie have any significance to me? Because my Adopted Mom had all of us in the kitchen working on these for gifts that year. Our names were on the outside of the glass pie plates and the greeting was in the center. For me, this was a big deal.

I was the only child in that house not biologically related to either of the parents, but my name was on that pie plate as if I were the product of both of them. I felt like I was the product of both of them, and I realize now that I had a special relationship with this set of parents because I was their child together. The one they had no other parent partner to consult with other then each other. They each had 3 children from a previous marriage. I know right, then me, that made 7. They thought I was heading off to college when I graduated, but I took a different road and left for the military. I haven’t lived in Kentucky since and I left in 94. I do go in to visit from time to time, and I visit other family in other places that I have discovered over the years. My family keeps growing and I keep accepting that, fitting another name on a plate, because they belong there, no matter how they came to be a part of my life. Blood, marriage, choice, I am grateful for the hard lessons, the helpful hands, and the healing I have done because a lot of my youth was more focused on surviving not thriving. Now, I try to balance both. I don’t want to ever forget what it was like to not have, to not be, to not…

Writing was a way for me to cope, a way for me to process the world around me, and a way to escape when I needed to. It was a safe place in a dangerous world. This is about the most personal I’ve written for a public post, but it is the holidays. I think if one family out there is trying to deal with being a bunch of different sizes, shapes, colors, religions, and more, and not sure how that will all come together, I would tell them to make a pie, some kind of cake, something even those with dietary restrictions can enjoy when needed, just come together with something to share and something that says, it’s okay to be unsure where you fit in, just put your name on the plate. And for those struggling to accept people you were unaware of, you might find that some of the family you acquire will be closer to you than those you share common ancestors if you give them a chance. I’m fortunate that I have been given a chance by my siblings. All of them. I know this is a unique blessing, and I am grateful for that, for them.

As an author, I am also grateful for readers! I write in a variety of genres because I like to read a variety of genres and I go where the characters take me. Actually, I am constantly inspired by my Muse, Jake Gyllenhaal. Sometimes I can read or listen to one interview that man does and come out of it with 1-10 ideas for things to write about. If I could send anyone a thank you card, it should be him, but I haven’t.

If you’re interested to see what the man has inspired (and I do mean inspired, I don’t write about HIM, I just turn to him for ideas and for the past 9 years he has not let me down) you can check out my latest releases and my Amazon Author Page

If you are in the mood for some Holiday reads try: This Christmas or Festival of Nights (Hanukkah)

And if you have never read my work before, well, I have a holiday bundle of the first book in multiple series at a special price and available only for a limited time called The First Time

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!


Cara North

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