Ina is an author of erotica, erotic romance, and other tales of love, lust and emotion. She is a bibliophilic, hopeless romantic with a fascination for mythology. Matters of the heart play a big part in her books, as do psychological, emotional and physical boundaries. Her work contains steamy, emotive and sometimes dark themes, and includes dominance in real and virtual situations, spanking, bondage, voyeurism, and a whole number of other delicious, erotic themes. My stories don’t always have happy ever after endings, but they’re always erotic in their own distinct ways.

Ina is also the owner of Clarian Press, publisher of passion-filled books, from erotica to literary fiction.

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Is she being naughty or nice? Ina Morata shares her ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ list. And there’s a naughty little story to go with each one, every day in the run-up to the day itself!

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The Coming of Eve is an Eden Collection book. It contains spanking, light BDSM, oral sex, and anal play, together with a story which explores the hidden emotional and psychological matters of temptation and self-discovery.

Spankings abound in this D/s novella by Ina Morata. A weekend at Eden House teaches Eve what it is she really needs.

When Eve finds herself hungry and lost in Adam’s garden, little does she realise that the spanking (with added extras) that she gets for trespassing is exactly what she’s been waiting for. Invited to spend time at Eden House with Adam, she’s sure that submitting to him will be a whole lot of fun. He’s older, more experienced, and she’s sure tempting him will be fun, too.

But it quickly becomes clear that Adam has very different plans. Her time here is a power game where the stakes are high, and she feels she’s losing control.

When Eve is no longer sure what she wants, can Adam yield to her temptation and show her where the balance of power really lies in their relationship?

“The Coming of Eve is a narrative of confessional intimacy.” (Goodreads review)
“It is erotica in the purest sense: an exploration of sexual desire, and the conflict between what provokes and scares us, and what delights.” (Review,

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