Last but by no means least…

The final Blissemas Elf this year is J. R. Loveless who is giving away a $25 Dreamspinner Press Gift Card along with an eBook copy of any of her back catalog, what a wonderful way to finish the season.

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Comment below with you favourite naughty christmas treat you love to indulge in to get a final entry into the Blissemas Grand Prize Contest. Check for full terms and conditions.


PinkGilly15 - 24th December 2016 Reply

Christmas treat has to be Bailey’s lots of it and micepies with brandy butter.

J.r. Loveless - 24th December 2016 Reply

I’m not commenting to win, just wanted to say to everyone stopping by and LOVE the post, Ms. Blisse! :D

bn100 - 24th December 2016 Reply


Shirley Ann Speakman - 24th December 2016 Reply

Maltesers milk chocolate reindeers they are so yummy!

Kelly Shorten - 24th December 2016 Reply

chocolate, always and forever, chocolate

Colleen C. - 24th December 2016 Reply

Yummy candy and desserts!

Trix - 24th December 2016 Reply

Pecan pie with bourbon whipped cream!

blaineleehall - 25th December 2016 Reply

Malt balls, See’s candy and cookies!!! Plus ANYTHING Pumpkin!!!

Jen CW - 25th December 2016 Reply

Iced old fashioned cookies

James Escol - 25th December 2016 Reply

Anything that’s covered with chocolate (my boyfriend not exempted. LMAO!) What? I should be honest, shouldn’t I? ;)

Merry Christmas, Miss J.R.!

ButtonsMom2003 - 25th December 2016 Reply

Pumpkin pie!

Tanja - 25th December 2016 Reply

Anything chocolatty.

Laura Flocker - 26th December 2016 Reply

Anything milk chocolate or brown sugar!

kaisquared4 - 26th December 2016 Reply


Cherish Hughey - 27th December 2016 Reply

Peanut butter blossoms cookies!

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