Hello, I’m Justine and I’m your elf for the day. I hope you’re enjoying the season – and if you like a little bit of kink along with your eggnog, I’m your woman!

What does a kinky Christmas look like? Well, I imagine it’s as varied as the enormous range of fetishes and dynamics that exist in the world.

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Anonymous - 7th December 2016 Reply

I would like to have a kinky party where there was lots of fireplaces roaring so its was warm enough for everyone to be comfortable in beautiful & sexy lingerie. It MUST leave a bit to the imagination!! Then let the imagery of what you see in front of your eyes mix with the imagination of the minds eye and let the party begin!!

bn100 - 11th December 2016 Reply

everyone dressed as elves

PinkGilly15 - 16th December 2016 Reply

masked party , mystery and darkness

Trix - 24th December 2016 Reply

Naughty Secret Santa!

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