Lexie started writing to immerse herself in a fantasy world where women are adored and men fall at their feet. It didn’t take long before she realised that sometimes men do that so you can stomp all over them in your sexy stiletto boots and since then she’s been creating stories that stay true to her original romantic dream while exploring the erotic, the kinky and the downright filthy. She writes about anything that emerges from the murky depths of her imagination, whenever she gets the opportunity.

Lexie lives with her two daughters on the south coast of England, and spends her days working in Accounts and HR. She loves the adrenaline rush of the unexpected, craves peace to write every day, likes to lose herself in the realms of fantasy and has a thing for smells that take her back to her childhood.

Lexie is published by House of Erotica, Sweetmeats Press and Ravenous Romance and you can find out more about her at:

Christmas Eve – Birthday Treats

Christmas Eve….. the most magical night of the year. It’s the quiet before the storm of Christmas, the pinnacle of anticipation and the time to relax now that everything is done. But in my house, Christmas Eve is even more special because it’s my birthday!


Some people might think it’s a pain to have your birthday on Christmas Eve but for me it adds a little extra magic to the day. Everyone is happy and in the party mood and it extends the festivities just that little bit more….

Now that I’m all grown up I tend to spend my birthday night wrapping presents and putting the finishing touches to the table for Christmas day…. Or with my hand inside a turkey ;)

So I thought this year I would spice up the day and celebrate my birthday with all of you, and what better way than with a little story about a much more naughty way to spend a Christmas Eve birthday.

So here’s my gift to you on this magical day of anticipation and excitement. I hope you enjoy it and I wish you all a very merry, very sexy Christmas and may you all get everything your hearts desire.

And if you feel like sharing your stories, then comment below on the best way you’ve ever spent Christmas Eve. I’ll pick my favourite and the winner will receive a PDF copy of my latest story “Playing with the Big Boys” from the Sweetmeats Press anthology “Athletic Aesthetic

Naught Snow Angel

Fallen Angels
By Lexie Bay

He pulled her outside, as she protested that it was too cold.

“Holly, it’s snowing on your birthday. It’s not cold it’s romantic.”

She let him drag her outside and they stood together, the world silent and white as the snowflakes swirled down out of the sky. Holly stuck out her tongue, catching flakes until Nathan pulled her against him and kissed her. Snowflakes covered them and she could feel him hard between her thighs.

“I see the cold doesn’t affect you,” she said.

“Not a chance when I’ve got you in my arms, babe.”

She smiled at him, a rush of love filling her as he stroked her arse and held her tighter to him. She wriggled and his breath caught.

“I really want to fuck you,” he whispered into the heavy silence of the night

“Come on then,” she whispered back, pulling him towards the back door.

“No, wait. I really want to fuck you out here.”

“Are you insane?” she giggled, “its freezing!”

“I’m sure we can keep each other warm.” He pulled her top off over her head and she squealed as the flakes melted onto her still warm skin. “I want to see you naked in the snow,” he growled. “Fuck your skin looks so sexy, all wet in the moonlight.” He unclipped her bra and moaned as her tits bounced free, her nipples so hard they hurt in the icy cold. Flakes settled on them and he bent his head to suck the ice off. The combination of the cold snow and his warm mouth made her clit twitch and she unbuttoned his shirt to watch the snow melt on him too.

Nathan’s hands were all over her as he licked and sucked at her nipples. Every time he moved from one to the other the wind chilled her where his mouth had made her wet. It was exquisite torture and she thought she might die if he didn’t pay her pussy some attention right now.

“I want you to fuck me,” she whispered, wondering if the neighbours could see them from their bedroom windows. They had never fucked outside before and the thought that their stuffy neighbours might see Nathan sucking her tits and be shocked, really turned her on.

“Take off your jeans,” he commanded and she did as he said, struggling out of them as he discarded his and she stood in front of him in her thong. He took of his boxers and his cock sprung free, the snowflakes melting instantly on the thick warmth of his erection.

He pushed her face down on the garden table and her breath stuttered in her chest as the cold seeped into her body, her tits making hollows in the inch of snow that had already gathered. He knelt behind her and slid her thong down her thighs, spreading her legs as wide as they would go, the snowflakes landing on her heated pussy and the gentle sting of the ice making her moan and push herself up against his face.

His breath was warm as he slid his tongue over her, tasting the wetness that was already dripping from her. The combination of cold and the possibility of getting seen was a powerful aphrodisiac and she was wanton in her desperate need for him to be inside her.

“Please Nathan,” she begged.

He responded by sliding a cold finger inside her and making her gasp. She pushed back against his hand urging him to fill her up. She was so desperate for him to fuck her, to feel the snow melting between their bodies, making filthy snow angels on the table.

“You’re not so worried about the cold now are you,” he whispered, his hot body pressing hers further into the snow. She could feel his cock nudging against her wet slit and she shuffled her feet further apart, smiling as he slipped inside her, finally giving her what she wanted.

She shivered and he pulled her up against his body, his hands covering her tits, warming her skin as he filled her up, fucking her hard and fast to keep them both warm. It was dirty and naughty and so so cold and she could feel her orgasm building as she imagined the neighbours watching her get fucked across the table in the snow. Nathan kissed her neck, his fingers bringing her closer as he nibbled her earlobe, whispering filthy words in her ear.

“Oh fuck, yes,” she murmured as he hit her sweet spot and as she felt herself let go Nathan growled her name, tensed and came hard, pulling out so that the hot liquid splashed all over her arse. They stood together, catching their breath, Nathan’s arms wrapped tightly around her.

“Happy birthday, babe,” he said, kissing her, “I love you my filthy snow queen.”

“Love you too,” she sighed, the cold suddenly hitting her. “Fuck, its bloody freezing out here. We need to get back inside before everything drops off!”

Inside they wrapped themselves in fluffy robes and looked out of the bedroom window. The snow had stopped and outlined perfectly on the table was an imprint of Holly’s body with Nathan’s handprints on either side.

“That,” she whispered, “was the best birthday present ever.”

Much love and happy holidays!

Lexie xx

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