Blissemas – In Space!!!

The lovely Lily Harlem is offering everyone a Free eBook and a chance to spend Christmas in space!

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Comment below with where you’d like to spend Christmas to get an entry into the Blissemas Grand Prize Contest. Check for full terms and conditions.


Ali Greig - 21st December 2016 Reply

obvious but at home …. If not on a tropical beach!

Colleen C. - 21st December 2016 Reply

I would love to visit Hawaii

bn100 - 22nd December 2016 Reply


PinkGilly15 - 22nd December 2016 Reply

oooh in an exclusive spa with hot tubs and massage and blissful beds :D

Trix - 24th December 2016 Reply

Montreal or Quebec City for me!

James Escol - 25th December 2016 Reply

I’d always dreamt of going to Italy and ride in a gondola in Venice. That would be a great way to spend Christmas. The tranquil surroundings just does it on me. :)

kaisquared4 - 26th December 2016 Reply

Anywhere as long as I was with family

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Q: What did the grape say when the elephant stepped on it?

A: Nothing, it just gave off a little wine!