Liv Honeywell is a BDSM erotic romance writer, and Sexhibition Erotic Author of the Year 2016.

When not writing about delicious, hot male dominants and the female subs who love them, she’s usually doing something craft-like and attempting to satisfy the demands of His High and Mighty Dominance (the cat!).

In her spare time, she is also the Goddess of Cake. Apparently.

Coming, Ready or Not

Three Tantalizing Tales Of Tease And Denial

Meet Will and Abby. An ordinary couple that you wouldn’t give a second glance at if they were walking down the street. Except they share a wonderful secret and bond as they explore their Master/slave relationship.

This is a loving couple, full of good humour, but nothing in any relationship is perfect and sometimes things go wrong. Even the strongest will in the world can’t always obey and with that comes consequences…

Three vignettes, The Edge, Bad Girl, and Breathless focus on control. Can Abby be taken to the edge of pleasure and not cross over? She wants to obey and to hold on. But can she? And what will happen to her if she can’t?

Holding on has never felt so good…


Liv is sharing her Christmas cake recipe, oozing with fruit, nuts and brandy, and some simple ways to decorate your cake. Nom! Nom! Nom! – Mr. Blisse

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Comment below with your tips for the best Christmas Cake to get an entry into the Blissemas Grand Prize Contest. Check for full terms and conditions.


Gilly Langley - 23rd December 2016 Reply

Soak fruit in plenty of whisky or brandy.

Ali Greig - 23rd December 2016 Reply

Not a fan of Christmas cake, but a nice chocolate sponge will do me.

bn100 - 23rd December 2016 Reply

covered in chocolate frosting

Colleen C. - 23rd December 2016 Reply

I love making a Harvey Wallbanger cake… yummy goodness!

Trix - 24th December 2016 Reply

I just make chocolate cake or cheesecake, to be honest!

James Escol - 25th December 2016 Reply

I love mocha cakes very much so I think Mocha frosting on a chocolate cake would be very delicious. *insert heart-shaped emojis here* :D

kaisquared4 - 26th December 2016 Reply

Love to watch others eat Christmas cake, not a big fan myself

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