A Nice and Naughty Blissemas Treat!

Oh look, it’s me again! Well, Santa Blisse does get about at bit this time of year. I’ve got something extra special for you today – some sweet, sexy, seasonal spanking. Oh yes!

I’ve just released Nice and Naughty, a BDSM Erotic romance with a whole heaping helping of seasonal shenanigans. This novel is out now for a special Blissemas price of 99p (or £5 for the Paperback) but hurry – the special price only lasts ‘til the end of my Blissemas day today.

Nice and Naughty was out as The Rendezvous series, but I’ve edited it up, condensed it into one book and re-released it in time for the holidays. I picked the title because both of my lead Characters are nice AND naughty at the same time.

Leanna is a hard working single mum and Joe is an American workaholic business man. When they get together the chemistry is unreal. Joe is a Dominant and Leanna can’t help but be submissive to him (and a little bit bratty). If you love soft, sensual BDSM stories you’ll love Nice and Naughty. It’s a sweet romance with a hot, kinky edge.

Pick up Nice and Naughty now from Amazon for just 99p (or £5 for the Paperback) until midnight GMT tonight (10/12/17) and enjoy at your leisure!



Wanna taste? Of course you do. Here’s a suitably festive excerpt for you to enjoy:

Nice and Naughty Excerpt © Victoria Blisse

Now is the time to try on my elf suit.

I am not awfully happy with having to wear it without a bra but the way the shoulders fall means my straps would be on show and it just doesn’t look right. I certainly wouldn’t go out to face the public with my ample breasts swinging free but hopefully Joe will appreciate the easy access. The short skirt is fabulous and floaty and shows off my long legs but hides my chunky thighs, which I definitely approve of. I pull on a pair of long, knee-high socks in red and white that work well with my outfit. I tend to wear the socks on cold winter days to keep my legs warm but they look kind of cool and Christmassy with the dark green and white of my elf suit.

I’m just adjusting the hat when there’s a heavy knock on the door.

‘Wow, he was quick!’ I gasp as I hurtle downstairs, bell jingling. As I rush towards my door I really hope that it will be Joe, and not Mum or a neighbour or a Jehovah’s

Witness or something. I am not really attired for meeting the general public. I gulp in air as I open the door and sigh with relief when I see it is my Joe standing there.
‘Well, hello,’ he purrs, looking me up and down, ‘now I’m glad I rushed to get over here.’

‘Hey.’I blush, very aware of the cold breeze making my nipples harden and the possibility that someone could walk past at any moment. ‘Come on in, come on in!’

‘Oh, I’m enjoying the view from here.’ He grins wickedly ‘You look so sexy.’

‘It’s kinda cold with the door wide open.’ I shuffle my feet around and rub my hands up and down my arms in an overly dramatic fashion. ‘Come on in and take a closer look.’

‘Oh, all right then.’ He walks through into my hall and I shut the door. ‘I just wanted to show you off a bit. I like to make you squirm.’ Without pausing to remove his coat he pulls me into his arms and kisses me. His coat is cold and damp with Mancunian drizzle and the coldness shocks my exposed arms and cleavage making me shiver.

‘Oh.’ He pops his hot lips from mine. ‘Sorry, darlin’, I was so excited I forgot about my coat.’ He quickly rips it off, and the suit jacket beneath. ‘You are one hell of a sexy elf.’

‘Why, thank you.’ I curtsy and notice his gaze is fixed firmly on my bouncing breasts. He steps forward again and pulls me into his embrace. This time it is warm and soft, like his kiss, but the heat level soon rises as his mouth jousts with passion against mine and our hands roam freely up and down each other’s backs. Joe’s hands roam from my back to my sides and he cups my heavy breasts as I moan into the kiss. He skims his hands lower to my hips and then slips them up inside my top until they touch my naked tits.

‘Oh,’ he groans, squeezing my warm flesh, ‘you are a naughty elf.’

‘Yes, sir,’ I reply, my lips brushing his until he pushes back from me and pulls his hands from my body.

‘Yes, a very naughty elf indeed,’ he continues. ‘We can’t tolerate wanton behaviour like this.’

I bite my lip and look down to the ground. My stomach whirls with nervous excitement wondering what will happen next.

‘Why are you not wearing a bra, elf?’ he asks, sternly.

‘My bra straps showed when I tried this top over it, sir and I thought it looked too slutty so I took it off.’

‘Wow!’ he exclaims and I look up to watch him. He shakes his head. ‘It looked too slutty so you decided to take it off and just let those beautiful, big breasts hang free. You decided to show off those big boobs in the low cut of that top because it looked slutty with your bra straps showing.’ He tuts. ‘You must think I’m stupid to offer an excuse like that. You just wanted men to stare at your ample chest, didn’t you? You wanted me to stare at you, didn’t you?’

I stay silent, thinking it a rhetorical question.

‘Speak up, elf, I can’t hear you. Come on, don’t make me angrier than I already am.’

‘Yes, sir,’ I reply, ‘sorry sir.’

‘Oh,” He grabs me painfully by the arm, ‘you will be sorry.’

He marches me into the front room and over to the small dining area at the back.

Letting go of me, he pulls one of the chairs away from the table. My arm throbs where he held me and my pussy throbs in time with it. I wonder what punishment he has in store for me.

‘Right, naughty elf,’ he says, tapping the table, ‘bend over and rest your hands on here.’

I do as directed and wait. I wait for a long time but then I hear noise from the kitchen, things knocking together as he rummages through my drawers. He’s looking for spanking equipment. My legs jellify and I bite my lip nervously. I love a spanking; several times Joe has spanked me with his hand and I always enjoy it. But I have never been spanked with an implement before and I worry that maybe it’ll be too much.

Much to my relief, just after he walks back in he runs a comforting hand down my back and bends to cover my body with his. I can feel his excitement and I want to press back against him, but he only stays against me long enough to whisper, ‘If it does all get too much, just shout out “briefcase” and I’ll stop.’

I’m disappointed when his body pulls away from mine but happy that he has thought so much of my wellbeing. I hope I won’t need to use my safe word but it gives me great security just knowing I have it.

He doesn’t say a word as he folds back the green, velvet skirt or as he skims the plain black knickers down over my bum. He just lets go once my buttocks are uncovered and they lay suspended across my thighs, the elastic digging in a little to my flesh. I’m so filled with anticipation that my skin feels like it may stretch away from my body if something doesn’t happen soon. Stiff and taut, I’m waiting and wanting some kind of impact.

Listening for movement doesn’t work because all I can hear is the thump, thump, thump of my heart. My pulse rises and I start to feel a little sick just in the pit of my stomach. I can’t take this much longer. Something bumps against my bottom making me start a little. It was such a light touch I can’t really tell what it was.

As I’m distracted by trying to remember the content of my kitchen drawers, Joe lays the first blow to my bottom.
The sound is quite hollow and deep, unlike the clap of flesh against flesh, but the pain is sharp and intense and makes me yelp.

‘This will teach you to not wear a bra, naughty elf. I mean, what would Santa say if he knew?’

‘Oh, please don’t tell Santa, sir.’ I gasp and a split second later my flesh explodes once more with heat as the unseen but definitely wooden object once more impacts against my buttocks.

‘I am going to tell Santa, you naughty little slut. He should know just how naughty you are. I’ll not be surprised if he fires you.’ Another slap and by now I feel like crying. A strangled yelp leaps from between my lips. It hurts, it really hurts; the stinging just won’t stop, but the painful sensation seems to seep through my flesh and come out on the other side as pleasure. I’m dripping wet with excitement.

‘Oh no, please, please don’t do that, sir.’ Another impact this time on fresh, unspanked flesh makes me scream. I can’t help it. I move my hands back to cover up my exposed and stinging bum.

‘Oh no you don’t,’ he snaps. ‘Put your hands back, now. I’m nearly done but for every time you cover yourself you will get an extra slap with my spatula.’

So that is what it is. I put my hands back on the table and whimper. The next blow seems to hit everywhere at once and I just cannot hold my hands in place. They rush to ease my aching backside.

‘Right, that’s it. I’ve had enough.’ I hear him step back and I wonder what he’s doing. Then he’s at the side of my table with a string of red tinsel in his hand. ‘Hands out in front of you, cheek against the table,’ he commands and I instantly obey. ‘If you can’t be trusted to keep your hands to yourself I’ll have to tie them out of the way.’ He wraps the thick, tickly strand around my wrists and pulls them tightly into a knot, then ties a bow. He runs his finger between the tinsel and my wrists just to check it isn’t too tight, winks, then moves back to my bared backside.

Pick up Nice and Naughty now from Amazon for just 99p (or £5 for the Paperback) until midnight GMT tonight (10/12/17) and enjoy at your leisure!



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